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Gold Foil Insulation Multi Layer Mylar Gold Insulation

Gold Foil Insulation Multi Layer Mylar Gold Insulation

Gold insulation is a wonderful material addition to the silver foil roll. Especially the gold multi layer insulation, is among one of the finest to against UV ray. NASA also use gold foil insulation for delicate instruments protection.

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Gold foil insulation multi layer mylar gold insulation

1.About gold foil insulation

Gold insulation is a wonderful material addition to the silver foil roll. Especially the gold multi layer insulation, is among one of the finest to against UV ray. NASA also use gold foil insulation for delicate instruments protection.

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2.Advantage of gold mylar insulation

1.We have both single gold foil insulation and gold multi layer insulation.The structure of the material can be customized.

2.The gold foil surface as a mirror reflecting radiant heat away from the house structure. Helps to keep heating costs down.

3.Can be fitted in ceiling, roof,garages, shed and others outdoor buildings structure

3. gold insulation Application

gold multi layer insulation.jpggold mylar insulation.jpggold foil insulation.jpg

4.Related Recommendation of insulation materials

图片6.png 图片7.png

              Double bubble foil insulation                              Aluminum foil

图片8.png    图片9.png

           Xpe foam insulation                                       EPE foam insulation




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